6 Ways to cope up with a 'friend' break-up

Anum H Posted 3 years ago
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As much as breaking up with a romantic partner hurts, breaking up with a friend can hurt us much more than that. When we are dating someone, in a far corner of our head we bear the possibility that it may or may not work out, but with a friend you know you are in for a long run, for a lifetime in fact. So, getting over an unexpected break-up with your friend can be more or at least equally hard, you never really see it coming. Here are a few survival tips in case you just said some angry goodbyes.

1. Don't cut off all ties

I understand that you are sad, angry and hurt right now, you might even want to throw a brick at them, but let's just hold that brick and control our anger. Try not to say things which would mean complete amputation of this relationship. You might be really angry and closed for discussions right now, but the situations change and so does our perspective, you may want to reconcile with them, maybe in a few days, months or even years, so don't shut this door completely.