6 Ways to improve communication

A Posted 3 years ago
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Most of the problems in our life result from either lack of communication or miscommunication. Especially when it comes to relationships, never stop communicating. You may not be on the best of terms presently, or you’ve had a bit of a fall out, whatever the reason may be, keep the words flowing. Silent treatment is never the answer, it only adds to the problem. We’re not telepathic. You need words to communicate your thoughts, feelings and problems to the next person.

We all talk to our partners, hence are communicating. But the things you talk about are very crucial. It could be as superficial as talking about your engagements or as deep as sharing your fears with each other. For a balanced relationship, you need to talk about all sorts of things. Some of us are good at it, while others find it to be quite a struggle. But the good news is, communication is a skill and hence can be learned.

Let’s look at some of the ways to improve communication:

  1. Be a good listener

Be very attentive to what your partner tells you. Don’t listen to respond. Just listen to understand. This kind of reassures them that they can talk to you about anything, and they’d be more comfortable and open with you.

Don’t be in a hurry to give your input, just let them finish first. This way they’d listen intently to what you have to say as well. Especially in an argument, you both need to be very patient with what the other person has to say. Even if it’s unpleasant or hurtful, just try and keep your calm without showing any sort of reaction. When they’re done, tell them how it made you feel. Be sure to keep the volume and tone of your voice in check.