6 Ways You Can Be A Real Gentleman In A World Full Of Boys

EK Posted 2 years ago
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  • Have you ever wondered that despite having a friendly dating relationship, why your girlfriend has left you?
  • Why your girlfriend has not considered you as her life partner?

You can’t always blame a girl for being unfaithful or complicated or unstable. Maybe she is unable to find what she is looking for in a life partner. Maybe she is not seeing that gentleman in you that she has always dreamed of. Maybe she is not comfortable with the fact that you are just a boy and not a gentleman.

While referring to the term "gentleman", I don’t mean to judge a man in terms of economical and social standards. Being a gentleman is a complete lifestyle. You have to be a gentleman in the modern sense.

Today, I am not going to refer to the acts of chivalry to become a gentleman; I have already been discussing those traits in my previous posts. I am going to focus on the mindset of a modern gentleman; a man with class, who is well aware of his social, spiritual and emotional being and is willing to make an effort to be a better man first and finally a better human being.

1. The Modern Gentleman Is Composed

Boys these days are irrational in their approach towards others and also to their own life. They boast about their sexual interactions, they hook-up with more than one girl to show off their masculine power, they are intolerant towards everyone around them, they don’t let go of any chance of humiliating others, they take pride in their abusive language, they offend people around with their emotional outbursts. Such a category of boys doesn't even stand anywhere near the term ‘gentleman’.