6 Ways you might be damaging your love life

Anum H Posted 3 years ago
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Stop damaging your love life!

Sometimes, unknowingly we are doing things which don't have a positive impact on our life. These habits have a way of subconsciously seeping into our daily life so we don't even realize that the fault might be our own. We always have someone else to blame for our failures. Possibly, you are doing a lot of things right but one of these might be reducing your chances of being in a healthy relationship, if you are doing even one of the following then you need to stop right now!

1. Cutting yourself off from social interactions.

If you are looking to meet someone while you stay inside a shell, waiting to be discovered, then I'm sorry to tell you that the chances of that happening are very rare, life is not Disney movie. You need to put yourself out there, if you keep turning down every invitation, don't indulge in group activities, excuse yourself from conversations; you are reducing the chances of ever meeting the one with some potential. The rules of the game are; you need to play, if you want to win.

2. Settling for a temporary relationship.

Many people choose being with the wrong person over being alone. If you are settling for someone who is not right for you, killing time as you wait for the right one to come along then you need to burst this bubble. You will never meet your right match if you are stuck with the wrong one, and how do you even explore your options if you are not even hundred percent available, not without cheating on your present partner of course. So be honest to yourself and your partner and don't settle for a mediocre relationship, if that's not what you were looking for.