7 ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN things in a Long Distance relationship

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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All relationships are tough to maintain- they demand constant effort, time and persistence. But the same effort, time and persistence gets doubled or even tripled when you are in a long distance relationship. The fights are twice as hard to resolve, you need to spend half your day talking to a mobile or computer screen, and there won’t ever be a difficult day when you can spontaneously go and meet your significant other just to make yourself feel a little better.

In between all the trouble and stress you go through for that one person, you sometimes start to lose sight of why you ever started this in the first place. At times like these, just set the hottest picture of your better half as your wallpaper and be sure to avoid these actions at all times:

  1. You simply stop talking.

Communication is the pillar of all relationships. Once you stop talking and involving the other person in your daily life, then you’ve just reached the beginning of the end. This responsibility to talk, to call the other person up and update them with everything that’s happening in your life gets twice as important in an LDR.

If you guys are living in the same city, have a few mutual friends, chances are that you’ll just casually meet up and resolve your issues once you’re free. But if you stop communicating in an LDR, there are no casual meet-ups, no chance meetings, and just no way to fill that increasing gap between the two of you.

  1. You don’t take time out of your lives for each other.

You both live in faraway places; and have a completely different set of lives, friends, and careers. In a situation like this, it’s easy to get so busy and involved with your own life that even making a simple call starts seeming like an unnecessary job to you.

It starts from missing a few calls to not replying to texts and if you can’t even find the time to interact through the most efficient way of communication, then how will you ever find the will to take out time and actually visit your partner?