7 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You Never Get The Guy

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Here are 7 reasons that tell you why boys just aren't into you.
  1. Be a bit more laid back; you’re too serious

You’re at an age where flirting about and having meaningless conversations is worthless. You’d rather have a sincere conversation with someone who’s quite possibly a future partner than with someone who means nothing more than a waste of a few minutes of your time. You want a gutsy man who’ll stick with you through thick and thin and well.

That makes you way too serious of a person. You consider your needs and think about whether you need a simple 'hey' at 2 am or a have a 'good day' 7 am. You prefer reassurance over passing time and you don’t need someone holding back your productivity. You’re serious about your life and your ambitions and what you need.

  1. Your standards are way too high

You demand time. You don’t want a relationship where you barely see your partner, you want to spend time with them, exploring your likes and overcoming your fears. You want small minute phone calls just to check up on each other and how each other’s day was. You just want a few minutes of their time.

You can’t stand a relationship where the other doesn’t hold interest in you. your passions, your work, your feelings and your ambitions, you want to share them, you want to console them with their fears but want to be consoled for your own as well. When you’re feeling under the weather, you want them to listen to your cries and hear you out; give you reassurance that you’ll make it through the day.

You want them to notice the little things. How you like your coffee, your favorite animations and you want them to acknowledge your achievements in life. It’s not attraction you want, its interest. The kind of interest that makes them smiles at your lam puns.

You accept them, their flaws, their past and their stories no matter how dark and deep they may be and hence you demand they do the same. You want them to accept your scars and sorrows and demons just as you do theirs.

But you ask for too much, your standards and demands are mere this and that’s to them. You may try to fulfil their needs but you’re too high maintenance for them. Your needs are too unimportant for them. Time they can’t spare, interest? They have enough on their plates and acceptance? Nope, why aren’t you a Greek goddess molded to their exact desires? - Continue reading on next page