7 Guilty Thoughts That Keep You With Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You

EK Posted 2 years ago
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I have already discussed a number of convincing reasons to be in a relationship with someone. But there could be as many reasons for breaking up with a person who doesn’t deserve you. If your life partner is not loving, not respectful towards you, humiliates and degrades you and doesn’t treat you well, then there is no point in sticking to him / her. You should just break off with a person who is not worthy of you and should move on with your life.
There are many partners who are living in a loveless marriage; one of the partners either doesn’t give a damn or is just too busy with himself / herself to bother for their relationship. And most likely it is the other half - the suffering partner, who is mostly holding up the relationship.
You need to realize the fact that if things are not working out, despite given many chances, you have to let go. You deserve happiness, love and a life. Don’t just block yourself from all the happiness that you can get by breaking off from an already dead relationship.
Most of the time, it is the guilt that keeps you bound in a relationship. We are going to discuss 7 guilty thoughts that keep you stuck in your relationship with an un-deserving partner. We need to avoid these guilty thoughts and focus on finding the strengths to end a relationship to live your life happily and peacefully.

1. You Don’t Want To Hurt Your Partner

Many a times, people stay in a relationship because their partner had been very nice to them and they don’t want to hurt him or her. But you have to realise the fact the being nice is not all it takes for a healthy and successful relationship.
If you don’t feel passionate about each other or you don’t have the feeling of love for each other, your relationship will come to an end eventually. There is no need to feel guilty about not having your heart into it; if you don’t feel right about this relationship, you are not meant to be in it anyway.