7 Signs to look out for in a Guy you shouldn’t date

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Let's say that you like a guy and consider him as potential boyfriend material- what exactly made you think that he's the one? Do you know him inside out? No one enters a relationship just to have their hearts broken later on. However, there are a lot of relationships which result in that exact thing because people fail to really know the person they're with. You like a guy. You like the way he looks and even his personality. However, do you pay attention to everything he says? Believe it or not, it's the tiniest detail which can turn Prince Charming into a frog, the details most people overlook.

Before moving on the signs themself, let's talk about why people tend to overlook them. The main reason is the fact that people are so in love that they think it wouldn't matter. They're wrong. Right now, you're at the stage where you haven't officially entered into a relationship yet. Hence, all you can see is the good in the guy. I mean, even you look better than you would have on an average Saturday night. Right now, both of you are being extra careful not to mess this up.

However, there are bound to be some slip ups and if you catch them, then you might just realise the sort of person you're dealing with. They might be better or they might be worse, but this article is about to tell you some signs to look out for in a guy you shouldn't date.

1- He'll criticize you every once in a while:

Some guys joke around a lot and there might be a few jokes you don't find funny. Especially if they're regarding you. It is possible that the guy meant no harm, and that is evident from the fact that he apologized as soon as he realized that you didn't find it funny. If the guy you're with continued on with the 'joke' even when you told him it wasn't funny, you might have a problem. - Continue reading on next page