7 Heartwarming Sentences You Need To Say To Your Partner

A Posted 2 years ago
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Relationships are built on trust, understanding and respect, I agree, a hundred percent but what actually tells you or your partner that you love them, respect them, understand them and trust them? Let me tell you, it’s simply the most complicated thing in he world, words! Your actions too but mostly your words.
Your words have the power to mend broken bonds and to form new ones. Using your words at the right moment and in the right way can do wonders for a relationship. I am a firm believer of the fact that if you love someone, do not miss even a single chance of making them feel that love and care.

You lover expects you to show them your caring and sweet side and also express the same in words. One of the most common ways of expressing such emotions is by telling your lover “I love you”. Other than this, our partners do a lot for us which we take casually and forget to thank them or mention it to them that we see their efforts. That’s something we all do from time to time, so here is what you can say to your partner to make them feel their worth in your life, every time they do something or don’t!
In fact saying these words without any reason makes it all the more special for your partner.


Let your partner feel like they mean the world to you and that without them, you are incomplete. Make them feel like they can conquer the world with a single hand so long as you are holding the other. *Continue reading on next page*