7 important things you’ll learn from being cheated on

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 5 months ago
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We have always been told that there are always two sides to every coin; that is, everything has a good side and a bad side. So why would relationships be any different? Positivity can be derived from even the horrible of life experiences and tragedies…so why would breakups and being cheated on in a relationship be any different?

Mostly when we hear the phrase ‘he cheated on me,’ what comes to mind is all negative: sleepless nights spent crying on the kitchen floor for him, heartbreak, disappointment and the list goes on. But when you come to think of it, there are quite a few, if not many, things you get to learn about yourself, love and relationships in general after you are cheated on and have to suffer through a bad breakup.

The impending doom overtakes the best of you, making you unconscious of the good that can come out from such an experience. Simply put, positivity can be seen in every aspect of life – if only you look close enough.

So here are a couple of important things you would not have learned, had your partner not cheated on you.

  1. If such a thing as soul mates exist, they are your friends

We are made to believe that a soul mate is someone who loves us unconditionally, or something of the likes; viewpoints tend to differ after all. But it’s more than that. Rather, soul mates are those angels born without wings in your life that transform your heart the most – even at a time when you have less of a heart and more of a ripped bag of emotions in its place.

Your friends have that effect more than anyone else. When you’re cheated on or your partner breaks up with you, who takes you out for a fun night, or comes over and cooks you your favorite meal, or does a whole bunch of other unusual stuff just to cheer you up, stuff they don’t normally do in their everyday life? Your friends. So when he/she cheats on you, look around you.

All is not lost; all is never lost. It’s just that, when one door closes, we look so longingly at it hence missing the other doors that open for us in its place. They have smiling faces and open arms welcoming you at all times. No matter how harsh the cheating and the breakup goes, never forget the worth of your friends over some guy/girl. The latter will leave you but not your friends…not true friends anyway. - Continue reading on the next page