7 Lies people tell in relationships to justify themselves

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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How many of these lies have you heard?

We all have a liar inside us who always wants us to make excuses. He either makes us procrastinate or makes us dishonest towards our loved ones.

In psychology, lying is something that can give you power. It is also associated to boredom. People who have vast imaginations have a better possibility of being liars than those who are not that intellectually superior.

Sometimes, lying becomes an impulsive thing. You can’t stop yourself from lying even when you don’t really want to. Fear and sloth are factors that can transform you into a compulsive liar.

Let’s have a look at 7 excuses people make in relationships to justify their wrongdoings.

1. I couldn’t make it in time

You might have noticed some people who always cancel plans at the last moment. I had this friend Brian who had a knack of making all the arrangements and then vanishing at the last moment. I literally wanted to kill him.

It mostly happens because some people are either over thinkers or have fluctuation of moods. They process things too much. They aren’t even aware that they are lying. Sometimes people are just lazy or introverts but sometimes, it so happens that the underlying factor behind such kind of lies is selfishness. A person who prioritizes his rest and alone time over the promises he has made is bound to lie almost all the time in such circumstances. - Continue reading on next page