7 Most common mistakes men make in a relationship

A Posted 3 years ago
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Ladies, do you agree?

Relationships are tricky especially when they pass beyond the initial dating period where both the partners are at their best behaviours and everything is going in a flow. The part which comes later is where people, mostly men, start tripping over and these are the most common mistakes men tend to make which might put off their woman.

7. Being way too mushy

It's good when both the partners act as each other's support system but women do not like it when their man is way too emotionally dependant on them. Emotions are natural, emotions are human but women get annoyed when their man is always looking for comfort when they need some comforting of their own. It's God's way that he made women softer by nature, so they need their man to have some solid ground, shelter her, be her rock. Every woman wants a man who is courageous, practical and brave enough to take care of  her as well as himself. Don't be all over the place. - Continue reading on next page