7 of the most common fights that may harm your relationship

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It's in our nature to disagree, more than we agree on things. Every individual is different, every person has their own point of views on life and how to live it, and when two people get into a relationship they start sharing a life together, and that's when the fights slowly start to happen. It's perfectly normal to fight your significant other, but the fights should not get out of hand and should be controlled by one of the two. I'm going to mention some of the most common relationship fights, because these fights can often lead to harsh breakups (I've seen them happen and also been through a few). The point of this article is to prepare you guys for the negativities that come with every relationship and I'll try my best to teach you how to deal with those negativities. Let's begin.

7. Fights pertaining to money

"Money" is one of the strongest evils of the world, we all need it, some of us have a lot of it, some of us don't have enough to lead a normal life, some of us have more than enough but we still want more. Every person is different in this aspect and money is something that can literally cause a lot of damage to any relationship if it's not properly dealt with. My ex, for example, always expected me to spend on her even when I didn't have enough, this made me feel bad about myself and greatly lowered my self-esteem and made me apply for small-time jobs just to make her needs meet. Eventually, I started believing that the relationship was fueled with money, which shouldn't be the case in any relationship because money is a very temporary luxury, so even though I started earning a lot of money, I left her. I've seen even the richest of friends go poor over one stupid decision. The girl I'm with now, who I mentioned in my previous article - "10 Ways to really make her happy", is an amazing person. She knows I spend a lot on myself and on her, she keeps asking me to lower my expenses and to save more for our future. It's not unhealthy to sit and talk about money if it's going in a positive direction, try and understand what your partner means, try to grasp where they are coming from. Don't shun the idea of saving. But if it seems like a relationship where money is discussed more than it should be, you're with the wrong person.

6. Fights about In-laws

It is bound to happen at one point. When you find your significant other, you need to be prepared to be okay with their family. The fights happen because you naturally can't love their family like your own no matter how hard you try, but you still have to keep trying. You can't be happy with your partner if you don't respect their family, because your partner expects that from you and they understand that you don't see eye to eye with them but they will still love you for smiling at the awkward dinners and just being nice around them. My in-laws are a blessing on me because they didn't make things difficult for me, but I've known a few friends who've had major fights over this point. A friend of mine chose to just stay quiet in front of his in-laws because he just didn't like them, I told him that's not the way but he didn't listen. Eventually, the inevitable fight happened and it was caused because his girlfriend was sad about him not respecting her family. You have to be very selfless here, look at it through your partner's eyes and you'll get it.- Continue reading on the next page