If You Have A Boyfriend With These 7 Beautiful Qualities, Please Marry Him

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Marry him.

Faith is a very hard thing to hold on to in times like these. We belong to a generation that has lost the art of holding onto other people. There are some people out there who still believe in true love and fight for it despite the challenging circumstance they have to face. The pursuit of love is both a physical and cerebral one and humans have become mentally weak.

People will doubt their own gut instincts and never take that leap of faith for another person even when the other person is someone who they should stick with for eternity. Why have we become so skeptical? Why have we become so scared of our own insecurities? Well, it’s not entirely our fault. There are lot male and female con artists around and they challenge our faith in relationships and love every day.

Sometimes, the perfect guy is right in front of you and you, shrouded by all your brittle insecurities and hovering fears are reluctant to go the extra mile with him. Your past has scarred you so badly that you don’t know what to believe.

You can’t seem to trust the truth in someone’s words. You think that Love is a lie and something that does not exist for everyone. Well, if you don’t believe in something, you will never be able to find it. Take a risk, it might destroy you but isn’t life all about self-destruction? People die and resurrect every day from the ashes of their past.

If you have a boyfriend who does the following things, you should definitely hold on to him forever. Trust him to be the guy who touches your naked soul and makes you feel alive.

  1. He fights for you at times when you don’t even want to fight for yourself

Sometimes, you are faced with such an emotional trauma in life that you can’t contribute to anything in a relationship. You can’t provide him with care and love and you get distant and quiet. You just lose faith in yourself and you even lose the will to live anymore. Despite all that, he doesn’t give up on you.

He stays with you, talks to you, listens to you and is adamant. He understands that this just a phase and when you are faced with such situations, depression and anxiety can get the better of another person. A person who is there for you in your worst is the person who deserves to be with you at your best. People like this don’t come along very often. Most people will stab you in the back without even thinking twice.

If you ever find such a guy who chooses you every day even when you think that you are not worth someone’s love, please wake up from your slumber and realize what you have before it’s too late. Sometimes people don’t believe in themselves until a certain someone starts believing in them.