7 Reasons Why dating a nerdy guy will be one of the best decisions of your life

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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What I’m about to say might be hard to believe for many but a nerdy guy can be the ideal partner for a relationship.

I’m sure we’ve all been through the torture of running after those Zac Efron lookalikes, who are well aware of how they can push our buttons to the limit and break our hearts into pieces.

So after getting my heart broken for the third or fourth time in life, I finally decided that the time had come to listen to my sister’s advice and start looking for a ‘nice boy’. This was the time when I realized what a hidden gem a nerdy guy can be, the guy who most people would just refer to as ‘the Geek’.

I know the nerdy guy might never have been the first choice for you but here are 7 reasons why you should start thinking differently:

1. He will be Passionate

A nerd can be one of the most passionate people in the world. He will be completely in love with all the things that classify him as a nerd, so you can find solace in knowing that he is going to be extremely passionate about you as well. He will treat you like the queen that you are- especially if he’s a fan of Game of Thrones! - Continue reading on next page