7 Reasons Why You Do Not Fantasize Marriage

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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For those of us to whom the concept of marriage is too stereotypical and clichéd, it is hard to explain to people as to why we do not oblige to marry the ones we love. It is difficult to explain to them that we understand the difference between finding love and wanting to keep it for a lifetime without any good reason. They cannot comprehend our justifications as to why we do not consider marriage the ultimate assurance of love.

There are many reasons why you do not opt to be one of the women who fantasize marriage and we are trying to explain some of them here:

1. Maybe you don’t want the support of a marriage to find life-long love:

We all have different ways of looking for and relying on true love. We search for it, take the chance to keep it and ensure that it will be ours forever. But maybe you are not one of those people who do so. Maybe you do not want the support of marriage to find life-long love. You do not resist love or stay away from it, maybe you only have a different way of trying to keep it forever.

2. Maybe you think love is enough:

Maybe, for you, the strength of love is itself enough. Walking down the aisle, cutting a four-floor cake and wearing a white gown is maybe not necessary in your opinion and you can happily live without all of it. Maybe, for you, love is enough.