7 Signs that Indicate She’s Starting To Think She Can Do Better

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Read these warning signs and leave the damaging relationship with your self-worth intact.

Long lasting relationships are based on unconditional acceptance. However, seldom do we find such relationships. Especially when you are in your twenties, there will be many relationships that will not last because of the countless differences among the partners.

In twenties, most girls are always on the hunt for a better and more compatible partner. Since they are not planning to settle down, it is easy for them to move on to the better thing. It is just the natural progression in life whether it is because of your bad habits or because your girlfriend didn’t want to settle for you when she could have had a better partner, either way, try not to take it personally. If possible, read the warning signs and leave the relationship with your self-worth intact.

As any relationship is headed for the crash and your girlfriend is thinking that she can find someone better, the following telltale signs appear:

  1. She will try to control and change your habits

First, she will identify all the habits you have that she does not like. Then, she will slowly and systematically try to change those habits. For example, she might make you join the gym, or train for a marathon. However, if she is the passive-aggressive kind of girl, she will always taunt you whenever you are doing something that she doesn’t appreciate or find appealing. For example, she will taunt you for having a night out with your guy friends.

Or, if she is the emotional kind. She will try to blackmail you emotionally in order to make you change your habits. She will do any or the combination of these thing; She will throw tantrums, play the blame-game, stop talking to you or will withhold intimacy in order to make you listen to her.

  1. She gets annoyed and irritated

She is always looking for ways to get annoyed at you are irritated by the conversation. It is a clear sign that she wants someone better when she starts to inhibit her verbal communication with you. Even when you two are together, she spends most of her time in other activities such as using her phone, watching the television or pretending to be busy with work.

What’s worse is that she will stop considering your feelings, thus making you feel devoid of worth and value. She will start treating you like an unwanted object that she doesn’t want around her anymore. - Continue reading on the next page