7 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is A Keeper

A Posted a year ago
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Don’t be the idiot who gets the girl of his dreams and ends up letting her go in the end.

Finding the right girl can be tough. It can be even tougher to have her fall in love with you. But the toughest part of the equation is in trying to make the relationship work. We’ve seen it happen before to our friends and families. Relationships don’t always last, and the one who you thought was “THE ONE” turned out to be another letdown. It’s a trial-and-error process really. You keep playing the game until you get the win, and when you do get that win, you win at life.

Don’t be the idiot who gets the girl of his dreams and ends up letting her go in the end. You shouldn’t be foolish enough to not realize a great girl when you see one. If you end up letting that prime woman slip through your fingertips, she’ll forever be known as the girl who got away. In your life, no one will be able to fill her void, and you’ll always be chasing after the memories she left behind. When you’re lucky enough to find the girl of your dreams, fight like hell to keep her in your life. It’s going to take a lot of time, effort, and commitment, but trust us when we say that she’s worth it. There’s no feeling that even comes close to being the in the loving embrace of the woman that you love. Here are 7 signs that your girlfriend is definitely a keeper:

1. She Respects Your Friends And The Time That You Spend With Them

She knows that you have a life outside of your relationship together and she respects that. She understands that you also need to spend a night out with your buddies every once in a while and she’s totally cool with it too. She wants you to always be happy and she understands that the occasional space away from each other is important for you to grow as a couple.

2. She Calms You Down When You’re Upset

She just has that cool and charming effect on you. She always manages to bypass whatever feelings and emotions you’re experiencing at any given moment. She’s always there for you when you’re at you’re most vulnerable points and she will catch you anytime you feel yourself slipping. She always brings out the best in you because you always want to be the best possible version of yourself whenever you’re with her. She’s the ray of sunshine in your otherwise dark and gloomy life. - Continue reading on the next page