7 signs to know that you're in an abusive relationship

Misty Renee Posted 8 months ago
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You would definitely be aware if you’re in an abusive relationship, right? It would be quite obvious. Well, not always! A lot of women who are experiencing abuse from their partner will spend months or sometimes even years thinking that the problem is something other than abuse.

Maybe they think it’s a ‘communication problem’ or just a ‘failure to set the right boundaries’. Maybe you just write it off by thinking that your partner is facing some issues with anger management. Or perhaps you have started to believe that you’re the one who is doing something wrong or there is something wrong with your personality, not theirs. In a society like ours, people are not very good at discussing or even acknowledging the abuse that exists, so most women are just left wondering.

One common myth is that abuse should only be a problem when it’s physical abuse. But the truth is abuse can show up in many different forms, including psychological, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse. And all of these can be just as damaging to anyone as physical abuse.

For example, an abusive partner can be one who tries to cut you off or isolate you from all your sources of support, threatens you or uses sarcasm to constantly put you down, shows anger to intimidate you, expresses jealousy at the smallest of things, or stays emotionally distant all the time.

An abusive partner might be someone who refuses to allow you to fully practice your faith, devalues your education or knowledge, tries to control all the finances, or keeps threatening to have an affair if you don’t do exactly what they ask. These examples, and many others, are not usually perceived as abuse. You might acknowledge that there is something ‘wrong’ here but you still don’t label it as abuse. Here are 7 signs of an abusive partner. Take a moment to think about whether your partner is also guilty of these.

1. They take away your freedom to choose what you need or want

Most abusive partners can be very controlling. And very often, this behavior reflects in the way they don’t allow their other half to make the right choices for themselves. You might have noticed how you’re never able to ask for what you truly want or need without fear that your partner will become extremely angry, reactive, or aggressive. - Continue reading on next page