7 signs to know when he’s just not that into you

Misty Renee Posted 7 months ago
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It goes like this- You meet a charming guy and go out on a few dates with him. He makes you laugh in the silliest of ways. He makes your heart beat faster with just one look. He makes you feel like your life is finally full of some much-needed excitement. And before you know it, you’re completely addicted to him. You start imagining a future, and thinking about where your house will be and how many kids you’ll have.

You do this without even determining if that guy feels the same way about you. And when you find out that he doesn’t, you cry your heart out, feel betrayed and go back to thinking “I hate all men.” While I have also been a firm believer of this statement at many instances in life, I still have to admit that it’s not true. You can’t blame anyone for not feeling the same way about you. You can’t force anyone to stay with you and build a future that they don’t really want. But one thing you can actually do is to try to pick up on their signs before it’s too late- the signs that subtly tell you that he just isn’t that into you.

Here are the top 7:

1. Whenever you’re having a conversation, he keeps the focus on himself

What he likes, what’s he’s interested in, how his day went, how amazing his friends are- this is pretty much all you guys ever talk about. And if the conversation ever shifts slightly towards something related to you, he will probably be scrolling through his phone as he nods in an uninterested way to everything you have to say.

2. He only seems interested when sex is part of the options

Although you haven’t reached to the conclusion that you might be just another booty call for him, but you have indeed noticed how he seems hundred percent more interested in your plans every time there’s a possibility of you guys hooking up. And as soon as the deed is done, he goes back to his uninterested self. - Continue reading on the next page