7 signs you are having unhealthy fights with your partner

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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How do we know which fights are good and which ones are bad?

Fights are an essential part of having a healthy relationship. Sounds weird? Well, it’s true. But it depends on what kind of a fight you have with your partner. If the argument clarifies the whole situation and ultimately draws you two closer, then it’s a good and healthy fight. If the fight turns into exaggerated arguments that lead to emotional disturbances, then stop right there. That can cause severe damage to your relationship.

How do we know which fights are good and which ones are bad? Following signs will help you discover that:

7. Inattention when your partner is speaking:

You just do not want to hear what they are saying. This happens because you want to prove your point right and consider their words gibberish. Do not forget that working on a relationship is a two way process. If you expect your partner to listen to you, then you need to have the capacity and courtesy to listen to your partner too. Plus, when you talk about what is wrong then, most of the time, problems are solved instead of getting worse.

6. Only "I" am right!

This is wrong. Having a desire to win every argument, even though you are at fault, is not right. On the other hand, your partner will feel degraded and low because you never let them make you understand the situation. This can actually make the whole fight turn into something ugly because that can surely make your partner feel devalued.

5. If anger has replaced normal talk:

No matter how serious a fight is, avoid angry words and tone. Anger always makes you regret everything later. Isn’t it better to avoid it altogether? Having an argument and creating uproar are two very different things. No matter how careful you are, one angry sentence and you lose the whole game.

Do not forget that your partner has feelings and your harsh words can hurt them beyond repair. Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking when you will wake up the next morning and find your partner gone? You will just want to kill yourself for saying those words out loud and hurting them. - Continue reading on the next page