7 Signs you are in a toxic relationship

A Posted 3 years ago
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A toxic relationship is best described as a relationship which is emotionally and most of the times physically damaging, it hurts your soul, your mind and your body, it is wearying over all. It is the worst form of a dysfunctional relationship. They are pretty much like the dementors in Harry Potter movies who suck all the happiness out of a person, leaving them in despair. So in order to keep your sanity, here are some ways to help you identify a toxic relationship.

7. If it involves physical abuse

Any  mature person can identify physical violence as destructive behaviour, such relationships need immediate intervention, it goes without saying that it has to stop at all costs! If it isn't reparable even after a lot of counseling then its best to simply walk out of it, but there is no way this should be deemed acceptable. You cannot keep walking on broken glass and expect that one day you'll start walking on it without getting hurt. This is hands down the worst kind of a toxic relationship.