7 signs your relationship is just not worth the effort anymore

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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All relationships require an effort. They require persistence. And they require unwavering commitment towards the person you’re with. But all of this can only be done up till a certain limit. Sometimes, you need to know when to stop letting your feelings for a person overpower your objective judgement, when to realize that the connection you once shared is long gone, and when to accept that the relationship you’re always fighting for just isn’t worth it anymore.

Here are 7 signs to know when it’s time to finally let go:

  1. The relationship seems to harm you more than it keeps you happy

Do you know what’s even worse than being single? Staying in a relationship that constantly makes you feel lonely and incomplete! I know you love him. I know you really want to make it work. I know you want to get that connection back. But you just can’t do it alone. If your relationship has reached a point where you feel like you’re the only one who is putting in all the effort, then you’re just setting out to make yourself feel more miserable than happy.

Whether it’s the fact that he seems to be absent from your life most of the time or the fact that he doesn’t even realize the ways in which he keeps hurting you, you need to remember NEVER to settle for a person who takes more than they are ready to give back. It’s true that no relationship can ever be perfect so we’re not asking you to look for perfection! Just try to determine if your relationship is consistently bringing you more misery than true happiness.

  1. Your partner is abusive

Abuse and aggression in a relationship can be physical as well as verbal. Whatever form this abuse may take, it gives you a clear warning that you are not with the right person and not in the right relationship.

The most important point about abuse that needs to be understood is that once it starts, once it surfaces in your relationship, there is no going back from there! This isn’t just an honest mistake. They won’t just stop doing it from next time. In the majority of relationships, you’ll watch it persist and even advance to higher levels eventually. And it will leave you feeling degraded, demoralized, and extremely unsafe. - Continue reading on next page