7 signs you're in a compatible relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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The beginning of a relationship is such an amazing period. Everyone loves the honeymoon phase. You wish it’d never end. But like all good things (in this case, an exceptionally good thing), it must come to an end. It is only then that you shift your focus on grave matters like the potential future of the relationship. You start noticing the differences you two might have, and if you can accept them and live with them harmoniously. You realize that you can’t change them entirely or even yourself. There are always going to be certain things over which you won’t see eye to eye.

Then how do you decide if the two of you are compatible or not. Will the differences sabotage the relationship or will they allow it to last?

  1. Relationship goals

While both of you want to be together, the idea of ‘together’ might be different. One of you wants to get married while the other one doesn’t find it necessary. This obviously comes up later on in a relationship. And if the two of you have contrasting views, you might be taken aback with what your partner has to say.

This could be a deal breaker, if neither of you are willing to compromise. It wouldn’t be a good idea to go on with the relationship hoping that one of you might change their mind, because it is uncertain. If you don’t share the same idea for the future of your relationship, then you will never be able to find content in your relationship. - Continue reading on the next page