7 Simple Signs He Thinks you’re His ‘Forever Girl’

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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Here are seven simple signs that tell you he thinks you’re His ‘Forever Girl’:

1. He keeps reminding you of his love.

He will never let you forget the extent of his love for you because he doesn’t just want to be with you for now; he wants to stay with you forever. The guy who wants a forever with you doesn’t want you questioning whether or not he actually cares about you. He does and he always will!

And if you feel any doubts for even a moment, he will reassure you right away with his actions and not just his words. You’ve never experienced a day when his love felt absent or misleading to you. It has always been there and it has always been easily understood.

2. He doesn’t shy away from talking about the future

No matter how cool he acts and no matter how hard he keeps pretending that he hasn’t imagined being with you forever, he has! He keeps imagining what your first house together will be like, whether it will be a small city apartment with faucets that leak and neighbours who just can’t keep it down or a peaceful country home in a town where everyone around knows your names.

He keeps imagining what kind of wife you’d be, or how your first name would sound when it’s finally attached to his. He keeps imagining how you’d be as a mother, and whether or not your kids will have your eyes, or your smile. And he keeps imagining all the happiness and fulfilment you both can bring into each other’s lives. - Continue reading on next page