7 Things I learned from taking back my EX

A Posted 2 years ago
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Breakups are unfortunate, may it be a mutual decision or one-sided. Parting with someone you had planned your future with, someone you are used to having by your side all the time. Suddenly, you feel there is huge vacuum in your heart, life, daily routine and special occasions. It hurts because you tried so hard but you couldn’t take it anymore or maybe your partner just didn’t feel like they could get enough out of you to keep them happy or maybe it's both. In any of these three, it still hurts like hell and to ease that pain, to soothe that part of your memories, you end up taking them back!

It’s something we all have done or at least have thought of doing.  I’ll be honest, I did take my Ex back even though I had been through a bad rollercoaster ride in my two years long relationship. In fact, I often feel ashamed in saying this but I actually took her back twice. So, the lessons that anyone learned once I was unlucky enough to learn twice.

But now that I have, there is no way I can or will go back! And here is why:

1. What You Think May Not Always Be Good For You

I know, I always thought I knew what was best for me as well but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it’s just better to let go and see what life has in store for you. I staunchly believe that whenever you feel you missed an opportunity or someone amazing, know that it’s just a way of life trying to make space for something better.

This doesn’t mean that you stop trying to make your relationship work every time you fight. Try hard, fight hard but if you can clearly see it not working out, do not give yourself and your partner the gift of prolonged misery. It’s better to accept the reality.