7 things I should have known before being cheated On

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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If you’ve ever been cheated on, in a loving and fully committed (at least in your head) relationship, then you can probably relate with me when I say this- that horrible moment when I found out and all the horrible moments that followed it came to be one of the most difficult phases of my entire life.

And it’s sad how I’ve seen a lot of people going through the exact thing. When someone you held so dear has the audacity to cheat on you, you end up feeling extremely embarrassed, furious, and even foolish to have trusted them. You end up being angry not only with them but your own self as well.

Once this phase of my life gradually passed and became a distant memory, I realized how I could have handled that situation so much differently, how I should have stopped blaming myself for someone else’s infidelity, how I should have given myself a proper chance to heal, and how I should have been more realistic about life in general.

Here are 7 things I wish I had known before I was cheated on:

  1. You can’t ever be sure of your own reaction

I always felt like I was extremely sure of what my response would be if someone ever cheated on me: I will just break up with them, and that will be the end of the story. I was always 100% sure about this reaction… and sadly, 100% wrong as well. After it actually happened, I started wishing to not have been so absolute about this in my mind.

Because once you actually have to go through it, you realize how different things really are. You realized how your pre-conceived notions play a big part in making you feel even more angry and confused. And you end up feeling like a hypocrite if you ever want to forgive them and start over again. - Continue reading on next page