7 things that ruin your relationship

SB Posted a year ago
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Love is a rampage of insecurities and an intense workout of emotions. Though the reward is very sweet, it’s a constant struggle during which a person has to go against their nature, while harboring the fruit of warmth, affection and trust.

  1. Love is war

When you marry a person, you have to own everything and everybody in that relation. You are out with friends and over a couple of drinks, you start cracking jokes. It all starts with small puns, about your partner and your relationship, everyone shares a good laugh but soon these jokes start to get personal.

That is the time when you step in and try to take hold of the situation and defend your partner. I have seen people who completely ignore their partners’ insecurity and let out a huge cackle of joy.

A situation where your partner feels ridiculed by you in public is the breaking point. You maybe siding with someone out of respect, or having a good laugh to lighten up your mood, but the emotional turmoil inside your partners’ heart maybe disastrous for your relationship.

The joy of marriage is such, that you might be at a war in the premises of your bedroom but to the world you should be at war with whoever tries to belittle your partner.

  1. Short term goals

When life with your partner gets way too materialistic (love is more than the fulfilment of your, basic/extravagant needs). When life is all about the latest designer dress collection and about partying on the yacht or at the penthouse all night long, something is seriously wrong.

When life stops being about snuggling on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, when it doesn’t involve talking about future goals, (Goals that have meaning and purpose) when working in your backyard together is not counted as family fun you need to take a break and think.

To build a relationship is to build a future together. When partners share a vision, they strive together to achieve it. They overcome all the little obstacles and arguments because they are both working towards a common goal.

Squabbles and bickering begin when couples don’t have a purpose in life, when they have no reason to be a part of each others life.

Thus, it’s important to feed the emotional giant inside of your hearts, for the love to grow and prosper. - Continue reading on next page