7 things to help you recover after you've been in a bad relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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Here are a few things that are sure to help you out if you are going through what I did.

Breakups are bad, there is no kind of break up that’s okay. It is even worse when you get out of a bad relationship. You are confused because you don’t know whom exactly to be mad at, yourself or your Ex. I didn’t really know what to do myself when I got out of a 3 year long relationship, filled with bad memories. I would sit all day and regret the time I had wasted. The guilt of letting someone treat me badly was killing me. It’s then I realised I wasted the past 3 years on that person and I am still wasting time hanging on to these memories. I NEEDED TO MOVE ON!

Here are a few things that are sure to help you out if you are going through what I did.


There is absolutely no shame in admitting that you made a bad choice or took a wrong turn. We are all human and we all make certain decisions in life that we think are going to turn out to be perfect but end up as a nightmare. One thing I know about people who are going through a bad relationship is that they stop sharing things they are going through. I did that, I stopped telling my best friends how my relationship was going because I was scared everyone will tell me how stupid I was to still be hanging on to him. People often don’t get how handicapped a person gets when they let themselves go in a relationship or maybe that is what we apprehend. Now, when it’s all over you’ve got to let it out. Even if it means crying out loud, do that, when you’re alone. Once you’re done with that, talk it out with a friend, someone who will listen.


Celebrate the fact that now you don’t have to worry, all the time, about making someone happy. Focus on your happiness for a while, do what makes you happy. If it means acting stupid or making a complete fool out of yourself, do it.  Nobody is watching and even if they are, don’t care! You have cared for far too long and far too much. To be able to care that much again for someone who deserves it, you need to give yourself the importance first.  You’ve given up enough of your time thinking what others think of you. It’s not really bad to be just a little selfish once in a while.