7 things to remind yourself when the light inside you is fading

Do you ever feel like ‘hopelessness’ and ‘despair’ have been your only companions, lately? Do you feel like running away; to a place far away, far from everyone you know, far from everything you feel, just far from all the pain? You’re not alone! Most of us, if not everyone, have felt this way in life at one point or the other. And the fact that we’ve all survived till now is a testimony to the fact that it is definitely possible to turn your life around, to make yourself strong enough in order to stop feeling this way and to regain that lost faith you had in yourself.

So if you’re feeling broken right now, if you feel like nothing in the world is going your way and if you feel like there’s no hope left, then it’s the right time to remind yourself of the following:

  1. You won’t know true happiness if you’ve never seen real pain

It may sound ridiculous right now but this pain that you’re feeling, this horrible gut-wrenching pain; just hold it close, feel its extent in the deepest corners of your soul and let it change you in ways you couldn’t ever imagine. Because you ARE going to come out of it and when you do, the happiness you’ll feel, the pride you’ll have in yourself and the life-changing experience it’ll provide you will be amazing! More amazing than anything you’ve ever known. You’ll come out of it stronger, wiser and more content than you were ever before.

  1. Don’t try to fight what you’re feeling

Don’t hold it in, don’t avoid how you’re feeling and don’t pretend that everything’s going normal only for everything to explode at the most unexpected moment! What you’re going through is perfectly normal. No person has the ability to meet different people and eventually have so many of them leave or get so close to their dream job only to get rejected at the very last stage or have their heart broken by the love of their life and then just go through life as normally as before.

Let the hurt and anger out, take your time and if and when someone asks, accept the fact that you are not just doing ‘fine’.