7 things you need to do to heal after a breakup

A Posted 3 years ago
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You need time to heal.

The hardest part of any relationship is the breakup, when months and years of struggle has to come to a close, it hurts more than anything. Sometimes, breakups are one-sided, sometimes they're mutual, but both of them almost hurt the same. A lot of people, myself included, find it nearly impossible to completely heal after a breakup. But I've learned my lessons and I have a lot to share about what it takes to properly heal yourself after a breakup. These are the seven things you can do to heal yourself, let's begin.

7. Cease all communication with your ex

I can't stress this point enough, this is the first very vital step and your foundation to move on from the past and have a better future without any haunting memories or relapses. Stop all ways of communication with your ex, don't text them if you suddenly start missing them, fight your urge to talk to them. If you have to, think of all of the bad things, think of why you broke up, do whatever you can to stop yourself from contacting them. This can be a little more difficult for some people if they have a lot of mutual friends, but even that isn't impossible because I've done this myself.

Once you contact them, it doesn't matter if you guys want to be friends or not, your feelings will slowly but surely start getting rekindled and one of you is going to get hurt again. If seeing their face makes you sad, remove them from your social profiles, delete their photos, if you have to move on you need to properly move on. Don't say you want to move on if you know you won't, make up your mind and do it if you see it fit, but if you decide to do it you need to do it properly. 

6. Focus on yourself more

When someone goes through a breakup, they slowly start losing touch with themselves and start neglecting themselves, don't be that person. Breakups happen, they're a part of life, they're a life lesson for you to always remember and not make the same mistakes again in your life. So they're bound to happen, I've seen happily married couple who'd been together for more than twenty years instantly break apart and start new lives without each other, it's okay because you're not alone so don't forget yourself in the process.

Pay more attention to yourself, look at yourself in the mirror and say "I'm awesome". Remember why you love yourself, enhance your abilities, work hard on yourself, maybe go to the gym because working out is one of the best things you can do to yourself no matter how healthy you are. You're important, don't forget that, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.