7 Things You Said That Broke My Heart

A Posted 2 years ago
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Today, while sitting on the coffee table, I looked out the window and thanked fate for bringing true love into my life, just like that. It really made me think of how my life would have been if I hadn’t found her and would still be with the kind of jerks I was with, before.

Just the thought of it threw me in to a time warp of all the heart breaks I have had which eventually got me thinking of all the heartbreaks I have seen happen. It is all an inevitable cycle.

You know what was common in all of them? Words! The way I have seen words poison relationships around me, I honestly think they are the most dangerous tools in the world. Words give you the deepest scars. They have the ability to scar you so deeply that simply the thought of those words or even hearing the words can trigger emotions and battles you had thought were long over with. Emotional scars are so much harder to heal than physical ones.

If only we could choose our words carefully, if only we could think before we spoke in anger, if only we could realize the consequences of the venom we were about to spit out – we would be careful. Simple words that you think mean nothing can fuel fires and cause so much damage, it’s like stimulating forest fires.

If everyone thought before opening their mouths, it would be almost a perfect world. No pain due to words that you think were meant from the bottom of their heart but in reality were simply mislead thoughts and mistakes spoken out loud due to the heat of the moment. No need for apologies and painstakingly long dragged out break ups and make ups.

So here is to all those who have had their hearts broken, it’s all right! You are not alone and you are greater than those words. You are greater than all of those things that they thought would pull you down and if one of these things have been said to you, read along and trust me, you won’t care about them after you are done reading this article. And even if you do, it will be the first step for you to get over them.

Maybe you already are over them and these words will only make you recall the strength and determination you had that made you get over them in the first place.

You are strong and worthy and once you realize that you are basically unstoppable.

When they said:

1. ‘You don’t deserve to be loved, the way I love you’

Well, guess what, if you did love me, you wouldn’t be saying this at the first place and now that we have established the fact that this isn’t true love, how about you pack your stuff and take your unmatchable love somewhere else?

Why would they love you if you don’t deserve it? If they say something like this they are probably the least selfless people are around you. Trust me; their obviously selfish personalities are afraid of you leaving them, not the other way around.

Words like these are often spoken in emotionally abusing relationships. The idea is to make your partner feel so worthless that they begin to believe that they don’t deserve any better. Once a person begins feeling this way, it doesn’t matter if they are treated like crap. They program themselves to believe that a relationship with said abuser is so highly unlikely for someone at their level that they cling onto the abuser regardless of how bad they treat them.

Don’t let yourself feel bad about this a single bit, no one who truly loves you will ever tell you that you are not worthy of it. You are worthy of love. Every decent human being is. No mistake of the past describes you. Don’t let hookups of the past or accidents of the past let your man or woman tell you that you don’t deserve love? Yes you do not deserve their love. You deserve better.

2. ‘You are an embarrassment’

There are ways to tell your partner if they are doing something wrong but this is certainly not the way. Couples embarrass each other a lot of times on small things but they let it go by joking about it.

You speaking loudly n public, joking, making puns or simply having a good time not being conservative isn’t something you should be afraid of. You’re not an object. You have a life and if the way you act is something they decide they want to change let them know, it’s not something you get to decide. - Continue reading on next page