7 Things You Should Know before You Start Dating a Girl with a Dirty Sense of Humour

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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We cannot really decide who we fall in love with, but as soon as we feel like we are falling, we should make sure we are prepared. Guys, especially, should know what kind of a girl she is before deciding to share their feelings. Every person is different with some qualities that dominate the others and girls, specifically, are known to be very different from one another. Some of them have a mild and calm demeanor, some are rebellious and some of them are all about fun. If your girl is one of them, she may also have a sense of humour that may seem disturbing to you but completely normal to her.

A dirty sense of humour comes naturally; she does not specifically think of a joke about the little ass of a passerby and neither is she a bad person for doing so. She just can’t help it.

If you think you are falling in love with a girl who has a really dirty sense of humour then you need to know some things about her. You need to know what kind of time you will be spending with her and how to get used to the way she is. Here is a list of some things you should know before you start dating a girl with a dirty sense of humour:

1. Do Not Always Expect her to be a Lady:

A dirty sense of humour obviously means she cannot keep the jokes inside. If she sees a big cucumber or a carrot, she WILL say something about it because it is right in front of her. So, we advise men to not always expect your girl to act like a lady if she has a dirty sense of humour.

Chances are that her awesome spontaneity will make you like her even more and it can also get contagious and you might incorporate that sense of humour in your own personality with time. Whatever the case is, always be prepared for these kinds of jokes.