7 things your woman really needs from you

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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What does a woman really want- one of the most complex questions that has left millions of guys confused and puzzled since the start of our existence. You can search for the answer in books, in talk shows, in movies. You can even ask your girl directly. But you still won’t feel like you’ve found the perfect answer.

The key here is to stop trying to understand what a woman wants and start understanding what she NEEDS. If you really want to comprehend how the female mind works, if you really want to find the secret towards making your woman happy, and if you really want to work towards building a strong relationship, then focus on these 7 things that a woman always needs.

  1. She needs to be your priority

Now this doesn’t mean that she expects you to make your entire world revolve around her 24/7. It just means that you need to make her feel like you value her existence, like she has a special place in your life, and like you truly appreciate her and the relationship you share.

Obviously, you’ll go through times where your work, family, friends, and life outside of this relationship will require more of your attention. But when all is said and done, if you make her feel like this relationship is never a top priority for you, you will end up losing her.

Everyone needs time and attention when they’re in a relationship. It’s basic human nature. And when you make the decision to place her above most (if not all) things, you make her feel that she’s truly valued.

  1. She needs to feel like she’s being heard

Yes, I admit it. Women do talk about a thousand words more a day than most men, but that doesn’t necessarily imply that everything we’re saying is less worthy of your attention.

When a woman is talking to her partner whether it’s about something trivial or important, she expects to feel like she’s heard, like you’re actually listening to what she has to say, like you’re interested in knowing about whatever is going on in her life.

You don’t need to agree with everything she’s saying. You don’t even need to give thoughtful responses. All you need to do is stop fidgeting when she talks. Stop checking your phone every other minute. Maintain eye contact. Nod and show her you’re listening. Make her feel respected. - Continue reading on next page