7 types of negative people you’ll come across in a Long Distance relationship

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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If you’re about to start a long distance relationship, every friend, every family member and pretty much anyone you’ve ever known will start giving in some precious and quite unwanted advice on how this is such a bad idea. They’ll bring up problems and examples of failed LDR’s- all from stories that they’ve heard and not actually experienced.

What’s needed most at this moment is strong determination and faith in the love you share and if that’s not enough, then here is a list of the kind of people you’ll meet and the counter arguments that you can present to these pessimists:

  1. The one who keeps telling you about the communication gap you’ll always have

In this time and age, where even a person who’s living on the opposite end of the earth is just a click away, it seems quite unreasonable to assume that people in a long distance relationship will have problems communicating with each other.

Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime and countless other mobile and computer applications have made this the perfect time to actually diversify our options and consider being with the people who make us truly happy, whether they live next door or thousands of miles away.

  1. The one who says you won’t ever really get to know the other person

People have this conception that if you’re not meeting each other every single day, if every day doesn’t start and end with the person you’re seeing, then you won’t get to know your partner as well as you should. The reality is completely opposite. The long distance and the ways you have of overcoming it actually bring two people even closer together.

When the only medium of communication is a call or a message, then you actually reflect about what you’re going to say, and you spend more time talking and discussing life rather than indulging in the passion that accompanies every new relationship.