7 Ways to build intimacy in a long term relationship

A Posted 3 years ago
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Intimacy is a beautiful thing.

Long term couples might be facing some difficulty in keeping the spark and the intimacy strong, but it's not hard if you two love each other with all your heart and are willing to do some things to keep the love alive. Just try and practice some of these, if not all, and it will surely bring you two closer.

7. Have date nights

Plan date nights, after sometime couples fall into a comfortable routine and forget to give each other individual time, by this I don't mean to put the entire burden of being romantic on the guy, instead have alternate date nights, that is, you plan one night and your partner plans the next week. This way you both get a chance to express your love in different ways and pamper each other, it doesn't have to be always fancy, it could be as simple as trying out a new flavour of pizza, just make the experience your own.

6. Look into each other's eyes... longer

This might sound weird, but don't they say eyes are the windows to our souls, it is an important and the easiest exercise to build intimacy. You look into each other's eyes all the time, but the point here is to, hold the gaze. This is a sure way to build trust and bring you guys closer; eyes don't lie, after all. In fact, you will feel closer instantly and it might even lead to a kiss or two.