7 ways to gain more power & respect in your relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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Rarely does it happen that both the partners share equal amounts of power and respect in a relationship. And even then, the balance may shift to either side now and again. No one would mind having the upper hand. What troubles people is when their partners enjoy more power in the relationship, due to a number of reasons.

Relationships ought to be equal partnerships. And here are a few things you could do to restore the balance of power and respect in your relationship;

  1. Be vocal about your needs

You shouldn’t shy away from being upfront about your needs and wants. If something doesn’t seem right, talk about that as well. Don’t expect them to read your mind and figure everything out on their own. If there is something you need or want from them or the relationship, tell them!

If you don’t do so, they’d think that you’re happy with the way things are and wouldn’t want them to be any different. The relationship would go on in the same manner, while you would find it unfulfilling and may even become resentful of your partner.