7 ways to know if he’s not completely over his ex

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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You meet this nice guy at a party. You talk for a bit and then he ends up asking you out. The first date is going incredible… until he starts telling you about his long-term relationship that recently ended. And you realize that you’re his first date after the breakup! So you can’t help but wonder if you’re destined to be nothing but the rebound girl in his life, if he’s on this date just to distract himself from the depression of his breakup, and if you’ll just end up getting your heart-broken if you proceed any further with this guy.

It’s true that not all rebound relationships are bound to fail, but all of them do require some amount of caution before you proceed. If you want to determine whether the guy you’re dating isn’t completely over his ex, look out for these 7 signs:

  1. He broke up with his ex very recently

This will sound like an obvious one. But when you really start to like the guy sitting in front of you, and when you immediately start to feel the spark in between, then this detail just seems to fade away in the background.

Falling out of love with someone is never a quick process. And if your guy claims to be over his relationship of two years in just two weeks, if he claims to be completely ready for something new, and if he’s trying his best to speed up the process, then he’s not only lying to himself but also taking you along for an unpleasant journey filled with heartbreak.

  1. He wants you two to be exclusive right at the beginning

If your partner thinks that one or two dates are enough time to move on to the “Are we an exclusive couple?” talk, then this relationship is going way too fast, regardless of whether it’s a rebound relationship or not.

Putting you under this kind of pressure so early in the relationship is definitely a red flag. Either your partner is trying to make their ex jealous or they’re just generally very desperate and controlling- both situations are unacceptable.  - Continue reading on next page