7 ways to know whether the man you love is a player or a real keeper

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Many women in this world get a heartbreak because they could not find the right man. In a few cases, some men turn out to be players which is why some women are scared to get into a relationship. It's very important that they know how to find out whether the guy they are in love with is an honest one or not. Of course, women are not psychics. Well, to be really honest, women always know what is happening but it is possible that sometimes this superpower might be at rest and they cannot find out whether the man has honest feelings towards his woman or he’s just having fun.

An honest, loving man would work till the end to fight for the happiness of his woman but at the same time, he will be practical and do things which will be good for both of them in the long term. But trust me, it is difficult sometimes for the smartest women to tell whether their man is on the right track or not.

We have 7 ways for all you women out there through which you can find out whether your man is actually in love with you.

1. He pays attention to all that you say and makes wise decisions when it comes to you.

A loyal man believes that his future and your future both are equally important and your well-being is more important than his own well-being. He will always be cautious when he thinks about you and will make sure that he leaves almost no chance for problems.

2. You will see that he’s always around at the time of need:

No matter how busy he is, the right guy will always be around you in the time of need. Starting from small examples; suppose your car tire gets punctured, you would see that your man would reach there immediately once you call him. This is a small problem, let's talk about a bigger problem.

Supposedly, you get into big trouble like an accident. Once he gets the news of your situation, he would leave even the most important things to him behind and come rescue you. Which proves how much he cares for you and how much he's committed to you. A man who is a player will never put too much effort in solving your problems.

3. He would never make you feel that your problems aren’t as important as his problems

Men tend to believe that their problems are quite huge and when they get busy in solving their own problems, they forget that there are people around them who have problems too (this is an indication of a man who is not that committed to you). The loyal man would always believe that your problems are as big as his problems and he would equally want to tackle them.

He would not make you feel like your problems are a joke, in fact, he would listen to you carefully and give you good ideas on how to solve the problem. Irrespective of the fact whether it is your work-related problem or home-related problem, it's a problem with your boss or a problem with cooking at home, your man would make you believe that the problem needs to be solved and he would be there to solve it for you.