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  • 8 annoying boyfriend habits that girls hate


    My last article was about “annoying girlfriend habits”, it made a lot of girls think I’m bias towards my gender and I think men are perfect, I don’t, I can say this myself that men have their own flaws and that’s where this article comes from, I asked my girlfriend to tell me some of the things that annoy her, things that I do, this is going to be an article on “annoying boyfriend habits”. Let’s begin.

    8. When they act too “alpha”

    Women hate it when men think they run the show and start acting like it. Every relationship is about equality, no man should have any authority over the woman they’re dating, that’s not what love is and that’s not how relationships work. Relationships require a constant and equal amount of effort from both sides, men can’t say they’re taking the lead neither can women, it’s about being equal. So for the men who think they’re above women in something, they’re not.