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  • 8 annoying girlfriend habits that guys hate


    I love my girlfriend with all of my heart and soul, but I sometimes get annoyed with some of the things she does, things that just make me want to stop talking and just be angry in my own space because I hate being angry at her. I dub these things “Annoying Girlfriend Moments” and every girl has a few of them, if not all. Let’s begin.

    8. When they talk about relationship problems in public/online

    Guys hate it when their girlfriends discuss their personal issues with others, especially on social networks. It goes from being a counselling session to mere gossip and soon everyone starts giving him the looks because of some random fight he had with his girl. Fights are common in every relationship, and everyone has at least one confidant who they sometimes go to for help or advice, but they never spread their fights and issues in public.

    7. When they jokingly flirt with other men

    Jokes are good but they can sometimes hurt. Romance plays a huge role in every relationship and if it lacks in one relationship, it should also lack outside of the relationship. A guy would just say that his girlfriend is “cool”, that she’s casual and herself around other men, but that does hurt them a little inside because of the “possessive” element. It’s the way they talk to other men, guys notice it but quietly get hurt by it because they don’t want to sound like they’re narrow minded but they’re actually just possessive because they love you, they want you to be that way with them and them alone. – Continue reading on next page