8 common lies your partner will probably end up telling you

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Let me start with a disclaimer: Nothing I write here can always be universally applicable, hence the term “probably” in the title! Don’t take this article as an excuse to question your partner or start acting all crazy on them.

However, at least one of these lies will definitely appear in your relationship at one time or the other. While we all like to believe that lying in a relationship is absolutely forbidden, that the sanctity of true love lies in being honest and truthful towards your partner, and that honesty is always the best policy, this may not always be practical.

I believe that we need to have a more realistic view towards life and especially relationships. So here are 8 common lies you’ll hear in your relationship, the lies that you need to accept:

  1. “I never talk about our intimate and private life with anyone else”

Can you really blame them for this one? When you’ve probably told this lie yourself! You tell this lie because you know no one likes to be discussed in a group for any reason, let alone for their sexual life. You tell this lie because you know you won’t ever get consent from your partner to actually share the details of their private life with someone else, no matter how close you are to that person or how much you trust them. But they still talk about it and so do you. You both do it at a rate that you wouldn’t even want to accept. You both want to boast about the amazing moves you just tried out. You both want to explain your excitement about that incredible passionate night you just experienced. And you both want to discuss any issues that come up in your personal life just to get some advice and a second opinion on things.

  1. “Nothing’s bothering me. I’m absolutely fine”

This lie is usually told for two reasons: Either they want you to be a mind-reader and understand the problem yourself or they’re scared of sounding lame and crazy because of whatever’s bothering them. No one wants to come off as a needy and clingy individual who gets upset at the smallest of things, at things that you never even give a second thought to. So they’ll stick to their pride. They’ll lie about the way they truly feel. And they’ll wait for you to guess whatever’s wrong. - Continue reading on next page