8 EX Related Things You Need to STOP DOING

A Posted 2 years ago
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They're gone, get your life back and stop hurting yourself!

The "Ex Topic" will always be a sensitive in every relationship no matter how cool or super-cool your current partner is. We get too comfortable with our partners in discussing what is going on in our minds, which is great! But it might get a little overboard when we stop thinking that our partner might want to be all that insensitive towards this topic but cannot be.

They surely try not to pay too much attention to the details of things when you are talking about them because that will go on to bug them but you can only avoid something for so long. This later on causes friction between the two. If you really want to avoid such fights over your past, here are the things you need to stop doing.

1. Stop saying you had a "unique" bond with them

This is like telling your partner that the both of you do have a special bond and love each other but the kind of bond you had with your ex, that cannot be matched with anyone. No matter how truly amazing your exes were, your partner does not want to hear about them. Even if they say they are okay with it, just trust your instincts and speak of them as less as possible, or don't at all. 

2. Stop complaining about how they "broke" you

Even though this is quite a sensitive point for you as well but your partner doesn’t need to know that even after finding them, you are still stuck in the miseries of your past. You should totally discuss it with them if it highlights a positive point about your current relationship.

Also, we start believing when we love someone that we can make them better people and their lives better as well. If you will still think of the way your ex broke you, that means your current partner isn’t good enough to put those pieces back together. Mind wobbling, I know!

3. Get rid of those gifts

Okay! Nobody wants in their house, their partner’s ex's stuff. It is a bad idea to start with. Don’t keep memoirs of your exes. At times, they might mean absolutely nothing to you that’s why you overlook the point of getting rid of them, but your partner doesn’t.

4. Get rid of all those videos and pictures (you know which ones)

Better get rid of all those up close and too-personal videos and photos you’ve had with them. No one would want to stumble upon such things from your past. Where you might not care about them being in your house anymore, your partner would really feel jolted and it might upset them greatly.