8 lies ‘nice guys’ will tell you and why you should not believe them

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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The term ‘nice guy’ is used for those guys who grab a girl’s attention by constantly trying to prove that they are nice, even if they are not. Girls tend to fall for guys who pretend to listen to them all day, give them extravagant compliments and continuously mention how ‘nice’ they are to take care of her every time she needs something.

This is a very different category of men because you can never know what is actually going on beneath that nice behavior of these men.

So here are a few lies that they will tell you why you have to be on a lookout for them:

  1. I am nicer to you than any other guy

A man who considers himself nice for you will keep mentioning the fact how good he is with you as compared to other guys you would have ever encountered. At one point, he will even take the argument to a level where you might think that you are trash and he is the only good thing that could ever happen to you.

Do not forget that if you had not agreed to go on a second date, this guy would still be waiting for your call. You don’t have to feel obliged to him and consider yourself some kind of a pushover because he will make sure that you know that no other guy would have asked you out if it wasn’t for him. He will make you feel just a little lower than himself and make sure that you are in your “place” because you cannot find anyone nicer than them ever.

He will point out every bad relationship of yours in the past and make you feel bad about it. He will ridicule all the other guys and make sure that the conversation ends where he is the nicest of all.

  1. I deserve all the chances because I am nice

So if he screws up, which he definitely will, he will expect you to give him multiple chances because he deserves it. He has been so nice to you all this time and even kept count of everything good he did for you so you owe him that much.

There is a fine line between being actually nice and forcing someone to think that you are nice.

So if you can distinguish between the two, no problem. But if you cannot, then you are in big trouble because you will end up in the same emotional drama for a very long time and it will just make you miserable beyond your endurance.

These guys will never give up so easily because they get something so good for so little effort and who would throw that away? So they will manipulate you in every way that they can.

They will use every source of social media to convey their message and soon your inbox will be full of e-mails and messages to give them a chance. You will find flowers on your desk, cute notes under your door, anonymous gifts until you crack and decide to give it a try.