8 Promises all girls should make to their boyfriends

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Relationships can be truly amazing. Once you get addicted to that feeling of unconditional love, those moments that give you butterflies in your stomach and goosebumps on your skin, the way your heart starts racing the minute you see your partner, and the way you feel so much more alive and happy just because you have that one incredible person by your side, there’s no going back.

So it’s important for us to make sure this love actually lasts and to make sure that the person who means so much to us never leaves our side. For all the girls out there, you can start by making these 8 simple and essential promises to your significant other:

  1. I promise to always order my own French fries

Do you remember that episode of Friends where Joey’s date takes one French fry from his plate and ends up making him really mad? I’m pretty sure all guys feel the same way. And even if they don’t, why take the risk? Just order your own separate plate. Because we all know how “I just want one” actually means “I’ll keep wanting one till the end of this date”.

  1. I promise to always try and discover the best version of me

Life is an ongoing learning process. And you need to truly discover yourself in order to be with someone and give them the happiness they deserve. So let’s promise to always keep working on yourself, to take out the time to understand what you really want, and to make sure that you always remain the girl he truly fell in love with.

  1. I promise to always split the costs

Now this promise doesn’t mean that all traces of chivalry should be completely gone but it just means that it’s unfair to always expect the guy to pay for every single this. This isn’t emasculating. It’s only fair and balanced.

  1. I promise to realize when my rage and anger is only a result of my special monthly friend

I know we can never really control all the feelings that accompany this special (read: frustrating) time of the month, but what we can do is try and control how we express them. So let’s promise that as soon as we feel the intense and pointless rage building up inside us, we’ll just grab some ice cream and avoid all fighting as best as we can.

  1. I promise to never use sex as a threat

No matter how big the fight is and no matter how angry and revengeful you feel, just make the promise that you’ll never use this special intimate time with your partner as a threat to get what you want.

  1. I promise to keep the passion alive

Yes, buy the lingerie that makes you look sexiest to him. Do that thing with his ear that always turns him on. Keep trying new things in the bedroom. And just make sure you try your best to never let things get boring.

  1. I promise not to bring up that mistake from 5 months ago in a totally unrelated argument

A woman never truly forgets the words that made her cry, the mistake that brought her so much pain, and the fight that had her questioning your entire relationship. But ladies, if you decided to forgive him at that point, if you actually decided to be a bigger person, and if you had come to a settlement about it months ago, then what exactly is the point of bringing it up over and over again? If you really want to move forward with your relationship, just learn to forgive AND forget!

  1. I promise to always stand by you and love you unconditionally

He came into your life and turned it upside down. He started a fire in your heart that you’ll never be able to fully stop. He gave you butterflies with just one simple look. And he made you realize exactly how beautiful and satisfying your life can be. Make him feel the same way. Give him the happiness he truly deserves. And remind him what he means to you each and every day that you’re together .

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