8 Questions Couples Should Ask Each Other To Get To Know Themselves Better

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Regardless of to what extent you have been together with someone, you can never really learn everything about that 'someone' you love. When you are in a serious relationship with someone for quite some time, no matter if it’s a long distance one, if you are happy and settled in that relationship, it once in a while feels as though you and your partner have talked about everything there is and know everything there is to know about each. I mean, all the long-term couples would agree with the fact that they have gone through a time where they literally feel like they have “nothing to talk about”.

The couple has talked about their interests, hobbies, what they like and don’t like, they have definitely talked about their childhood, about their dreams, about how they want their future to be and the list goes on. But there still is a lot to know about each other, some really important stuff that a couple should go through.

Now if you ever come across this “nothing to talk about” point in your relationship, it does not really mean that you have run out of things to talk about, it’s just that you are not seeing an ocean of questions in front of you left to ask each other that will actually make your understanding of each other even better.

So rather than watching a football match or a TV program tonight, decide to improve your bond with your loved one through simple conversation. The following questions will help!

1. Do you really feel respected and adored?

Now, obviously you adore your partner, right? And he or she most likely knows it as well. But there is a very big difference between having the capacity to explain the emotions and to feel them with a power so strong that you can't even clarify in words. By asking your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband if they really feel loved around you, you are basically welcoming them to tell you about the things you do and say that make them feel protected, give them a sense of peace and desire. And similarly, you are asking that they help you improve as a partner, as what you should and should not do.