8 Questions That Your Girl Is Secretly Dying To Ask You

A Posted a year ago
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A girl’s mind can make for the most interesting wonderland to explore.

A girl’s mind can make for the most interesting wonderland to explore. There are all sorts of things going on in there, it’s a wonder that ladies don’t burn themselves out with all the thoughts that run through their brains. Ladies tend to be more of over-thinkers compared to boys especially when it comes to relationships. Of all the crazy things that cross a girl’s mind, there are a few questions in particular that she just can’t help but think about throughout the course of your relationship.

It make take her some time to work up the courage to actually ask you these questions, and be patient with her when she does. Anticipate these questions and don’t take offense to any of them. It takes a big deal for her to be actually asking you these questions and be sensitive with your answers.

Here are 8 questions that your girl is secretly dying to ask you:

1. “Are you really in love with me?”

No matter how many times you’ve uttered those three words, your girl is going to need constant reassurance. She likes to hear it over and over again, not because she’s insecure, but just because she likes to hear you constantly reaffirming her of your love for her. It makes her feel nice and wanted. Just do her a favor and make her feel special by uttering an “I love you” every now and then.

2. “How much do you love me exactly?”

While it can be difficult to quantify love, she will want some concrete quantifications. She will want to know how much you love her in degrees. Would you die for her? Would you change who you are for her love? Would you be willing to live a difficult life just so you could keep her in it? These are some important questions that she will want answers to in order to feel comfortable about your relationship. - Continue reading on the next page