8 reasons to stop proving yourself to the world

A Posted 3 years ago
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This is actually going to be an article about self-realisation. I usually write about my personal experiences and this is going to hit home! I used to be one of the most self-deprecating and pessimistic people anyone would come across, but I came out of that sad and empty shell and I became very self aware and started loving everything about myself. You think you're not good enough? You think you need to prove yourself to everyone else? You think you'll never amount to anything? Then you seriously need to read this one! Let's begin.

8. People Worth Impressing Want You To Be Yourself

This one is very important, the people who actually know your worth and know how important you are will NEVER want you to change. The people you actually need to impress and the ones who will always accept you with all of your flaws and strengths. They will never pick and choose your habits and lifestyle choices, they will whole heartedly take you and let you share their life with you along with everything you bring in theirs. ONLY give importance to those people, they're the most pure people you're going to come across.