8 Signs He’s Being Unfaithful Even If He Says Otherwise

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5. His alibis and stories just don’t add up.

His stories just don’t add up. He contradicts himself with his stories and his alibis. The dates, times, settings, and other little details just don’t add up at all. They are all very inconsistent and he’s starting to get confused in the web of lies that he’s weaving for himself.

6. He acts uncharacteristically busy all of a sudden.

If he suddenly has less and less time to spend with you even though you know that nothing major is going on at his place of work, then he’s likely cheating on you. HE’s just looking for an excuse to spend less time with you and more time to spend with his mistresses.

7. He seeks out random arguments with you to make you feel bad.

He’s deeply guilty about what he’s doing to you and so he wants to level out the playing field. He will make you feel bad and call you out on even the slightest mistake that you make. He will blow things out of proportion and make you feel like you’re the most terrible girlfriend on the face of this earth.

8. He will gaslight the hell out of you.

Whenever you confront him about his infidelity, he will find a way to make it seem like you’re crazy and irrational. He will make you believe that you are the one who is at fault or that you’re merely imagining things. He will make you think that you’re the one who is jeopardizing the relationship with all of your accusations.

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