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  • 8 Signs that this relationship is going NOWHERE

    It’s been long enough, you both have spent a fair amount of time with each other. You both probably are too comfortable in each other’s company. So, what now? Where is the relationship really heading to? Half of your stuff is at their place. They like sleeping in your bed more than their own. You always have the day planned with them. Your friends and family are always in awe when they see you two together. So this is probably love, right?

    But why isn’t your partner accepting that or being vocal about it? We often give ourselves away completely to someone in the relationship because we expect them to be in our lives forever. But, this fantasy soon starts to seem like a blur when the relationship comes to a halt. It doesn’t worsen, it doesn’t get any better. It has just stopped growing and that’s when you really wonder if forever is ever a possibility.

    Here are a few signs that will help you tell apart a relationship that will materialise into that fantasy of yours or not.

    1. They try and change topics when you talk about the future

    If you see them freaking out or changing topics unusually, know that it is a point of debate for them. Also, that they are still in doubt if they really want to be with you forever. Someone who isn’t sure about you after coming a long way, will never be sure of you even after decade.